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About the EMAs

The Emerge Media Awards’ mission is to celebrate and showcase the achievements of journalism, media studies and communications students in Canada.


We seek out and recognize the best writing, editing, videography, audio, graphic design, communications and public relations work done at the post-secondary level, and invite work from institutions in all provinces and territories.


While the EMA program is administered and organized by the University of Guelph-Humber, all judges at both levels of review are independent professionals who do not work for and are not affiliated with any educational institution.


Eligible work must have been produced during the Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2017 calendar year; entrants must have been enrolled in an accredited post-secondary program at the time of production.

Student stands at podium while smiling and hold an award she has won

Important Dates

11:59 p.m., Jan. 21, 2018  Deadline for submissions

(enter here)


Feb. 26, 2018  Finalists announced

(five in each of eight categories)


March 22, 2018 EMAs dinner and ceremony

(first- and second-place winners announced)



It’s ironic: in an age in which anyone with a camera phone is a photographer, a photo that truly captures a moment, idea, insight or unique perspective on an event is more powerful than ever. The winning entry in the Photography category will showcase that power and skill in an image appearing as part of a photo essay, slide show, magazine or newspaper spread or article or advertisement.

Audio Storytelling

There’s a reason why radio has been described as the most intimate medium: it’s ubiquitous, it reaches listeners in their most private spaces and – even in the internet age – it’s often the first to break and deliver news. We’re looking for great audio stories – online or on-air broadcasts or podcasts – that harness the spoken word to inform and inspire.

Written Word

Whether news story or feature, editorial or blog post, print piece or online posting, the winning submission in the Written Word category will exemplify storytelling in the traditions of great journalism. In addition to illuminating a subject or event with skill and insight, your submission might also compel readers to action or move them to tears.


Powerful video doesn’t just tell a story with imagery and narrative; it creates a relationship with viewers and an understanding of issues in ways that no other medium can. It can persuade as well as inform. The winner of the Videography category may be a news story, feature, documentary or public service announcement. It might have been produced as a standalone piece or as a segment of a television or online broadcast or vlog post.

Public Relations

Excellent modern public relations relies on a wide variety of abilities: excellent writing, organizational, stategizing and communication skills, of course, as well as an instinct for motivating and persuading audiences. Your entry might be a media kit, news release, communications plan, speech or even an entire campaign, but will demonstrate at least one (and ideally several) of these skills. Be sure to include, with your entry, a brief description of your client (real or hypothetical), and indicate whether or not your project was implemented in “real life.”

Multimedia Production

The winning entry in this category will meld any combination of storytelling, videography, still photography, infographics and interactive elements in a compelling report, presentation, editorial story or marketing initiative. What’s key: creativity, a clear and compelling message and seamless integration of multimedia elements.

Design: Print Magazine Cover or Spread

The most compelling issues or stories reflect inspired collaboration between writers and editors and designers. Your entry in this category should reflect effective use of great art (photography and/or illustration), superior use of typography, compelling packaging and an understanding of how a defined visual language communicates a publication’s brand.

Design: Online News Site or Magazine

Even more than great storytelling, the best websites in the crowded world of online media combine a range of content, ease of navigation and exciting design that showcases a variety of engaging media: in short, a compelling experience. The winning entry in this category will combine great art, design and typography in ways that not only tell impactful stories but define the publication’s brand.

Entry Guidelines

  • Entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., Jan. 21, 2018


  • Eligible entries must have been produced:
    • In the calendar year 2017 (that is, between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2017)
    • By a student or students enrolled during that time at a post-secondary institution in Canada
    • Either for academic credit (i.e. as part of a course), OR published or broadcast via a student-run news outlet
    • Each entrant may enter only one entry per category (although he or she may enter different entries in several or all categories)


  • A specific work may be entered in only one category.


  • Entries may be submitted by:
    • The individual who created the work
    • A member of a team which created the work
    • A faculty or staff member who supervised the individual or team producing the work


Entries will be deemed ineligible if they:

    • Are academic works such as essays or research papers
    • Were produced for or under the supervision of a third-party professional (i.e. a non-student publication, broadcast outlet, etc.), even if created during an internship.


Click here to read the full Terms and Conditions.

2017 Photo Gallery

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