Emerge Media Awards 2017 | 2017 Finalists
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Congratulations to the 2017 Emerge Media Awards Finalists!


Written Word


Alone but not Forgotten

By: Sarah Tosanwumi Poko, University of King’s College


Point and Shoot

By: Lucas Provencher, MacEwan University


Pulse of a Province

By: Ashley Robinson, University of Regina


Two Meals a Day: Living on Disability Assistance in Vancouver

By: Cherise Seucharan, University of British Columbia


Raising Change

By: Kendall Latimer, University of Regina


Audio Storytelling


Wrinkles in Love: Audible Stories of Love and Age

By: Amy Tucker, Mary Yohannes and Jennifer Dorizio, Mount Royal University


Stories from the Milk Crate

By: Vanessa Vanelli, Kieran Berry, Ralph Levy and Mark De Luca, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning



By: Sean Towgood, Tevin Guthrie, Chris Wheeler, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning


The Story of Studio 212

By: Clare Bonnyman, Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning


The Maple Leaf Forever Guitar

By: Matthew Kahansky, University of King’s College




In Her Veins

By: Kendall Latimer, Rebekah Lesko, Britton Gray, Carlos Prieto, Eric Westhaver, University of Regina


Belly Up

By: Naseem Loloie, Queen’s University


Patience: The Story of a Broken Heart

By: Mikael Melo, Sagi Kahane-Rapport, Justine Erdelyi, Adam Madryzk, Rodas Dechassa, Zuleika Sequeira, Cameron Walker, Erica Lipworth, Marisa McDonald, Elizabeth Adams, Ryerson University


Beauty in Focus

By: Lauren MacGill, Rachel Carlson, Kerri Savard and Jeff Schultz, Red River College


I Know Girls

By: Claudia Spadafora, McMaster University




Doomsday Preppers

By: Kacim Azouz, Concordia University



By: Cody Bonner, Mohawk College


Take Flight

By: Moudy Ezzat, Fanshawe College



By: Ans Li, McMaster University


In Awe

By: B. Sara Martin, University of Guelph-Humber


Public Relations

Canada’s Bright Idea

By: Cianna Wilkinson, Sheridan College

Save the Sweet Tooth: Size, Substitute and Savour: Nutrition Month 2017 Campaign

By: Nina Ambros and Taylor Dhanasar, Seneca College


Alberta BMX Media Kit

By: Lindsey Dahl, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


Ralphy’s Retreat Strategic Communications Plan

By: Naeema Bawa, Dylan Mainprize, Kim Maunder, Kayla Da Silva and Ashley Taylor, McMaster University


Website for HHI Interior Design & Art Studio

By: Chiu Kuei Hsiu, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


Multimedia Production


Student Union Salaries Across Canada

By: Jack Hauen, Alex McKeen, Hamza Tariq and Peter Siemens, University of British Columbia


Youth Mental Health Advocacy PSA

By: Myles Herod, Sheridan College


How Accessible is Ryerson?

By: Richa Syal and Jacqueline McKay, Ryerson University


Crisis on Campus

By:Jessica Andersen, Megan Beam, Rachel Broderick, Leighia Chapman-Klaassen,
Harley Davidson, Kathleen Driscoll, Hugo Garcia Gonzalez, John
Hopkins-Hill, Jeremy Houghton, Brendan Jure, Sara Kozak, Corey Leblanc,
Hyojung May Lee, Ziwen Lu, Yusuf Turabi, Melanie Ross, Hayley Sedgewick,
Carley Soltesz, Ryan Thorpe, Lydia Versluis, Alex Yorke, Niagara College


NPCA – A Call to Action

By: Miranda Young, Lauren Young, Alex Hertle, Hayden Grierson, Valentina Garcia and Karl Piwowarski

Niagara College


Design: Print Magazine Cover or Spread



By: Jason Lau, McMaster University


All About That Buzz

By: Kanisha Szekely, Red River College


Incite Magazine: Vol. 19, Issue 2 (Imperfection)

By: Lauren Gorfinkel and Jason Lau, McMaster University


All About That Brand

By: Maja Maj, University of British Columbia


Alba Gu Brath (Scotland the Brave)

By: Scott Rigmond, Fanshawe College


Design: Online News Site or Magazine


Calgary Journal

Mount Royal Universiy


The Sheridan Sun

Sheridan College


Emerge Magazine 2016

University of Guelph-Humber


The Varsity Magazine

University of Toronto


The Calgary Foodie: The Sushi Issue

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology