Emerge Media Awards 2018 | 2018 Finalists
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2018 Finalists

2018 Emerge Media Awards Finalists

We’re pleased to announce and congratulate the finalists for 2018! First- and second-place winners will be announced at a dinner and ceremony on March 22 in Toronto.

Written Word


“Confessions of a small town”

By: Alex Antoneshyn, University of Regina


“I have to stay in the fight”

By: Hamdi Issawi, MacEwan University


“Data in a foreign land”

Josie Kao, University of Toronto


“There’s no such thing as unbiased reporting”

By: Jacob Lorinc and Teodora Pasca University of Toronto


“The Sto:lo’s stolen children”

By: Andrew Seal, University of British Columbia



“From Above”

By: Cody Bonner, Mohawk College



By: Michael Conley, Western University



1  3  4  5

By: Sara Martin, University of Guelph-Humber


“Thanksgiving Delight”

By: Kelsey Narayan, University of Guelph-Humber



By: James Verbeek, Mohawk College




By: Alex Antoneshyn, Jessie Anton and Alex Johnson, University of Regina


“Welcome to Hamilton”

By: Matthew Fotheringham, Mohawk College


“Marley’s journey”

By: Selina McCallum, Kassandra Coates, Gabriel Giuliani, Katherine Bryce and Deborah Iluyemi, University of Windsor


“From the Streets”

By: Calen Robertson, Dan Policelli, Nicole Wells and Evan Rowell, University of Guelph-Humber


“Crude Power: An Investigation into oil, money and influence in Saskatchewan”

By: Caitlin Taylor, Jennifer Ackerman, Janelle Blakley and Josh Diaz, University of Regina

Public Relations


“Steps for Tigers”

By: Angelica Carreno, Priyanka Bhullar, Nohadra Noweia and Marissa Johnson, Mohawk College


“Oakville Hospital Foundation Four-Year Strategic Communications Plan”

By: Maria D’Alessandro, Tayjua Squire, Heather Francey, Vivian Sadeh and Taylor Kolar, Sheridan College


“Canada is the World”

By: Jason Lau, McMaster University


“The Mom2Mom Mowendo Project”

By: Nicole Nemeth and Elaine Tustin-Smith, Conestoga College


“A call to fund school-based HPV vaccinations for boys in the northern territories of Canada”

By: Claire Styffe, McGill University

Audio Storytelling


By: Stephanie Andrecsik, Josette Lafleur and Ryan Cox, Humber College

“I am not a survivor, I am a warrior”

By: Brenna Engel, University of Regina


“A different side to New York – parlor jazz”

By: Warren Schlote, University of Guelph-Humber



By: Tennessa Wild, Alex Johnson, Cheryl Lu, Michael Joel-Hansen and Busayo Osobade, University of Regina


“What if the Halifax Explosion never happened?”

By: Trent Erickson, Will Gordon, Cameron Honey, Aviva Jacob, Danielle McCreadie, Nermeen Ramadan and Jayde Tynes, University of King’s College

Multimedia Production



By: Sherri Murray, McMaster University


“Closing Midfield”

By: Jolene Rudisuela, Amy Simpson and Lexi Wright, Mount Royal University


“Naked: Disrobing a modeling scam”

By: Aastha Shetty, University of Guelph-Humber


“Hired, not fired”

By: Christopher Arndt, Allan Sloan, Liam Brown, Eric Vienneau, Matthew Barker, Brianna Taylor, Pearl Barclay, Saba Iqbal, Lara Pitkeathly and Sarah Rintjema, Mohawk College


“What u don’t see”

By: Students of the Online News Production Class, Sheridan College

Design: Print Magazine Cover or Spread


“Black lives matter here, too”

By: Mary Yohannes and Jan Kirstyn Lopez, Mount Royal University


“Oh, the horror”

By: Chelsea Mizzi, Niagara College




By: Jason Lau, McMaster University


The Varsity Fall Magazine: The Futures Issue

By: Elham Numan, Pearl Cao, Piyumi Konara and Keith Cheng, University of Toronto


“Will you drink to change?”

By: Scott Rigmond, Fanshawe College

Design: Online News Site or Magazine


The Calgary Journal

The Calgary Journal Staff, Mount Royal University


Humber College; Humber EtCetera

Sulaiman Akbari, Dan Caudle, Elvin George, Ed Hitchins, Brett McGarry, Matthew Owczarz and Sanzana Syed


Tém:éxw: Stories of Land

Seher Asaf, Francesca Bianco, Sophie Gray, Yusheng Cai, Haley Lewis, Emma Loy, Holly McKenzie-Sutter, Sharon Nadeem, Andrew Seal, Taranjit Singh, Alex Migdal and Anya Zoledziowski, University of British Columbia


Emerge Magazine 2017

Jenna Piunno, Alicia Mirtsos, Erika Graham, Aansa Mirza, Jessica Smith, Taylor Clysdale and Danielle Edwards, University of Guelph-Humber


The Varsity

Tom Yun, Mohammad Durrani and Tamim Mansour, University of Toronto