On The Move

By: Jozef Duijvestein, Mohawk College

A Shade of Grey

By: Megan Monteiro, University of Guelph-Humber

Bursting At The Seams

By: Casey Wiginton, Fanshawe College

Flour Girl

By: Jordyn Keller, Langara College

She’s Smoke

By: Caitlyn Spero, Mohawk College

Audio Storytelling

The Ron Hedland Case

By: Ludvig Drevfjall, Humber College

Breaking Expectations

By: Rayane Sabbagh, Curtis Larson and Robyn Welsh, Mount Royal University

29:45 – Connection and Division

By: Kyrsten Stringer, Caitlin Taylor, Katie Doke Sawatzky, Cory Coleman, Josh Diaz, Jared Gottselig, Brenna Engel, Michaela Solomon, Rebbeca Marroquin and Celine Grimard, University of Regina

No More Drug War

By: Ryan Patrick Jones and Alex de Boer, University of British Columbia

Twenty Years On: The Kosovo Refugees

By: Robyn Simon, Ava Coulter, Julia-Simone Rutgers and Cary Churchill, University of King’s College

Written Word

B.C. school holds traditional naming ceremonies for Sto:Lo youth

By: Ryan Patrick Jones and Kallan Lyons, University of British Columbia

Stubborn Baseline

By: Moira Wyton, University of British Columbia

My pharmacist turned out to be a sexual predator 

By: Marina Shenfield, MacEwan University

Mind the gender gap: Women in STEM

By: Carmen Wong, University of Guelph-Humber


5 Days Without a Phone

By: Bethanee Diamond, University of King’s College

Reviving Salish weaving in Sto:lo Territory

By: Ryan Patrick Jones and Brenna Owen, University of British Columbia

Citizens responding to the opioid crisis

By: Jonathan Ventura and Annie Rueter, University of British Columbia

Ability To Be

By: Michelle Jachna, Zabrina Bolasco, Maia Fisher and Sally Tea, University of Guelph-Humber


By: Caitlin Taylor, Janelle Blakley, Kyrsten Stringer, Kyle Griffin and Reza Golzadeh, University of Regina

Public Relations

Public Relations Proposal for Langdon Hall

By: Sarah Fullerton and Danielle Demeyere, Conestoga College

Here We Grow Again

By: Jodi Huenemoeder, Vanessa Cardoso, Michael Milne, and Louis Phan, Conestoga College

Building Connections Through Communication

By: Marissa Watkin, Conestoga College

Building Our Community, One Child at a Time

By: Annette Hynes, Conestoga College

HideSeek Media Kit

By: Nicole Rosenberg and Johanna Epstein, Humber College

Multimedia Production

Hong Kong 360

By: Bianca Bharti, Adam Chen, Josh Cameron, Stephanie Liu, Tiffany Lam, Aurora Zboch, Camila Gonzalez, Celina Gallardo, Declan Keogh, Katie Swyers and Adjani N.Toussom, Ryerson University


By: Sophie Gray, Alexander Kim, Emma Loy, Holly McKenzie-Sutter, Alex Migdal, Sharon Nadeem, Andrew Seal and Aryn Strickland, University of British Columbia

Finding a Solution to Canada’s Indigenous Water Crisis

By: Sharon Nadeem, Joanne Pearce, Andrew Seal, Marc Attallah, Amelia Duggan, Yannick Gayama and Farah Kashaf, University of British Columbia

Sto:lo Language Teachers Take Fluency into Their Own Hands

By: Brenna Owen, University of British Columbia

More Than Words

By: Annie Rueter, Jonathan Ventura, V.S Wells, Rehmatullah Sheikh, Carlos Salinas, Brenna Owen, Jamuna Galay-Tamang, Brenden Dixon, Dustin Patar, Marc Fawcett-Atkinson, Kallan Lyons and Ryan Patrick Jones, University of British Columbia

Design: Print Magazine Cover Or Spread

For the Students?

By: Shanna Hunter and Pearl Cao, University of Toronto


By: Jake Bowen, Lesia Kostiw, Kelsey Narayan, Sara Novia and Carmen Wong, University of Guelph-Humber

Unapologetically Indigenous

By: Elham Numan, Piyumi Konara and Pearl Cao, University of Toronto

The Weed Issue

By: Troy Lawrence, Angela Fu and Pearl Cao, University of Toronto


By: Kate Reeve and Pearl Cao, University of Toronto

Design: Online News Site Or Magazine

Emerge Magazine 2018

University of Guelph-Humber


Sheridan College

The Ubyssey

University of British Columbia

The Varsity Magazine

University of Toronto

The Varsity

University of Toronto